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Illinois is a midwestern state bordering Indiana in the east and the Mississippi River in the west. Nicknamed "the Prairie State," it's marked by farmland, forests, rolling hills and wetlands. Chicago, one of the largest cities in the U.S, is in the northeast on the shores of Lake Michigan. It’s famous for its skyscrapers, such as sleek, 1,451-ft. Willis Tower and the neo-Gothic Tribune Tower.

Capital: Springfield

Governor: Bruce Rauner (Illinois Republican Party)    Contact
Bruce Vincent Rauner is an American businessman, philanthropist, and politician. He is the 42nd and current Governor of Illinois, serving since January 12, 2015.
Born: February 18, 1957 (age 60), Chicago, IL
Party: Illinois Republican Party
Office: Governor of Illinois since 2015
Lieutenant: Evelyn Sanguinetti
Spouse: Diana Rauner (m. 1994), Beth Konker Wessel (m. 1980–1993)
Children: Elizabeth Rauner-Brewer, Katherine Rauner, Margaret Rauner, Eric Rauner, Stephanie Rauner, Matthew Rauner

Attorney general: Lisa Madigan (D)   Contact
Lisa Murray Madigan has been the 41st Attorney General of the US state of Illinois since 2003. She is the first female attorney general for Illinois.
Born: July 30, 1966 (age 51), Chicago, IL
Office: Illinois Attorney General since 2003
Spouse: Pat Byrnes
Party: Democratic Party
Education: Loyola University Chicago, Loyola University Chicago School of Law, Georgetown University
Parents: Joel Murray, Shirley Madigan

Tammy Duckworth (D)  
(202) 224-2854  Contact:
Ladda Tammy Duckworth is an American politician and retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel, serving as the junior United States Senator for Illinois since 2017.
Born: March 12, 1968 (age 49), Bangkok, Thailand
Nationality: American
Office: Senator (D-IL) since 2017
Previous office: Representative, IL 8th District (2013–2017)
Spouse: Bryan Bowlsbey (m. 1993)
Education: Capella University (2015),

 Dick Durbin (D)    (202) 224-2152  Contact:
Richard Joseph Durbin is an American politician serving as the senior United States Senator from Illinois since 1997.
Born: November 21, 1944 (age 73), East St. Louis, IL
Office: Senator (IL) since 1997
Previous office: Representative (1983–1997)
Spouse: Loretta Schaefer Durbin (m. 1967)
Education: Georgetown Law (1969), School of Foreign Service (1966), Georgetown University
Children: Christine Durbin, Paul Durbin, Jennifer Durbin

Luis Gutiérrez (D)  
(202) 225-8203 Contacr
Luis Vicente Gutiérrez is the U.S. Representative for Illinois's 4th congressional district, in office since 1993. From 1986 until his election to Congress, he served as a member of the Chicago City Council representing the 26th ward.
Born: December 10, 1953 (age 64), Chicago, IL
Nationality: American
Office: Representative (D-IL 4th District) since 1993
Spouse: Soraida Gutierrez (m. 1977)
Education: Northeastern Illinois University (1974–1977)
Children: Jessica Washington Gutierrez, Omaira Gutierrez

Adam Kinzinger (R),  
(202) 225-3635  Contact
Adam Daniel Kinzinger is the U.S. Representative for Illinois's 16th congressional district. He is a member of the Republican Party. He was first elected to Congress in 2010, winning election to represent Illinois's 11th congressional district.
Born: February 27, 1978 (age 39), Kankakee, IL
Office: Representative (IL 16th District) since 2013
Previous office: Representative, IL 11th District (2011–2013)
Battles/wars: Operation Iraqi Freedom; War in Afghanistan
Education: Illinois State University (2000), Normal Community West High School
Parents: Rus Kinzinger, Betty Jo Kinzinger

1st    Rush, Bobby L.    D    (202) 225-4372        * Energy and Commerce
2nd    Kelly, Robin    D    (202) 225-0773        * Foreign Affairs    * Oversight and Government Reform
4th    Gutierrez, Luis    D      (202) 225-8203        * Judiciary
5th    Quigley, Mike    D    (202) 225-4061       * Appropriations  * Intelligence
6th    Roskam, Peter J.    R    (202) 225-4561        * Ways and Means
7th    Davis, Danny K.    D     (202) 225-5006        * Ways and Means
8th    Krishnamoorthi, Raja    D     (202) 225-3711    * Education and the Workforce   * Oversight and Government Reform
9th    Schakowsky, Jan    D     (202) 225-2111        * Budget    * Energy and Commerce
10th    Schneider, Bradley    D  (202) 225-4835     * Foreign Affairs  * Judiciary   * Small Business
11th    Foster, Bill    D      (202) 225-3515    * Financial Services    * Science, Space, and Technology
12th    Bost, Mike    R      (202) 225-5661       * Agriculture * Transportation and Infrastructure  * Veterans' Affairs
13th    Davis, Rodney    R   (202) 225-2371        * Agriculture    * House Administration   * Transportation and Infrastructure
14th    Hultgren, Randy    R    (202) 225-2976       * Financial Services    * Science, Space, and Technology
15th    Shimkus, John    R     (202) 225-5271        * Energy and Commerce
16th    Kinzinger, Adam    R    (202) 225-3635     * Foreign Affairs
17th    Bustos, Cheri    D    (202) 225-5905      * Agriculture   * Transportation and Infrastructure
18th    LaHood,Darin    R     (202) 225-6201      * Ways and Means


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