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Michigan has a republican form of government with three branches of government: the executive branch consisting of the Governor of Michigan and the other independently elected constitutional officers;
Capital: Lansing

Governor: Rick Snyder (R)  517-373-3400     Email    
Richard Dale Snyder is an American politician, business executive, venture capitalist, and accountant who is the 48th and current Governor of Michigan. A member of the Republican Party, he assumed office as governor on January 1, 2011. Wikipedia
Born: August 19, 1958 (age 59), Battle Creek
Office: Governor of Michigan since 2011
Spouse: Sue Snyder (m. 1987)
Political party: Republican Party
Lieutenant: Brian Calley
Education: University of Michigan Law School (1982), Ross School of Business (1979), University of Michigan (1977)

 Gary Peters (D)  (202) 224-6221   Contact:
Gary Charles Peters is an American politician and businessman who is the junior United States Senator from Michigan. Wikipedia
Born: December 1, 1958 (age 59), Pontiac
Office: Senator (D-MI) since 2015
Spouse: Colleen Ochoa
Previous offices: Representative, MI 14th District (2013–2015), Representative, MI 9th District (2009–2013)
Education: Michigan State University (2007),
Children: Madeleine Peters, Gary Peters Jr., Alana Peters

 Debbie Stabenow (D) Trending   (202) 224-4822  Contact:
Deborah Ann Greer Stabenow is the senior United States Senator from Michigan and a Democrat. She is Michigan's first female U.S. Senator.
Born: April 29, 1950 (age 67), Gladwin
Office: Senator (D-MI) since 2001
Previous office: Representative, MI 8th District (1997–2001)
Spouse: Tom Athans (m. 2003–2010), Dennis Stabenow (m. ?–1990)
Education: Michigan State University (1975), Michigan State University (1972)
Children: Todd Stabenow, Michelle Stabenow

Debbie Dingell (D)
(202) 225-4071 Contact:
Deborah Ann Dingell is an American Democratic Party politician who has been the United States Representative for Michigan's 12th congressional district since 2015. She succeeded her husband, John Dingell, in Congress.
Born: November 23, 1953 (age 64), Detroit
Parents: David Insley
Spouse: John Dingell (m. 1981)
Office: United States Representative since 2015
Education: Georgetown University (1996), Georgetown University (1975)
Children: Chris Dingell, John Dingell, Jennifer Dingell, Jeanne Dingell

Fred Upton (R)  
(269) 385-0039   Contact:
Frederick Stephen Upton is the U.S. Representative for Michigan's 6th congressional district, serving since 1987. He is a member of the Republican Party and former Chairman of the Committee on Energy and Commerce.
Born: April 23, 1953 (age 64), St. Joseph
Office: Representative (R-MI 6th District) since 1993
Previous office: Representative, MI 4th District (1987–1993)
Education: University of Michigan (1975)
Spouse: Amey Miller (m. 1983)
Children: Stephen Upton, Meg Upton

   1st    Bergman, Jack    R  (202) 225-4735        * Budget    * Natural Resources    * Veterans' Affairs

    2nd    Huizenga, Bill    R  (202) 225-4401        * Financial Services

    3rd    Amash, Justin    R (202) 225-3831        * Oversight and Government Reform

    4th    Moolenaar, John    R  (202) 225-3561        * Appropriations

    5th    Kildee, Daniel    D   (202) 225-3611        * Financial Services

    6th    Upton, Fred    R   (202) 225-3761        * Energy and Commerce

    7th    Walberg, Tim    R    (202) 225-6276        * Education and the Workforce    * Energy and Commerce

    8th    Bishop, Mike    R   (202) 225-4872        * Ways and Means

    9th    Levin, Sander    D   (202) 225-4961        * Ways and Means

    10th    Mitchell, Paul    R  (202) 225-2106        * Education and the Workforce    * Oversight and Government Reform    *                     Transportation and Infrastructure

    11th    Trott, Dave    R  (202) 225-8171        * Financial Services

    12th    Dingell, Debbie    D  (202) 225-4071        * Energy and Commerce

    13th    Conyers, John - Vacancy    D  (202) 225-5126 
    14th    Lawrence, Brenda    D    (202) 225-5802        * Oversight and Government Reform    * Transportation and Infrastructure

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