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Minnesota is known for a politically active citizenry, with populism being a longstanding force among the state's political parties.

Capital: Saint Paul

Governor: Mark Dayton (Minnesota Democratic–Farmer–Labor Party)  651-201-3400    
Mark Brandt Dayton is an American politician serving as the 40th and current governor of Minnesota, an office he has held since 2011.
Born: January 26, 1947 (age 70), Minneapolis, MN
Party: Minnesota Democratic–Farmer–Labor Party
Office: Governor of Minnesota since 2011
Lieutenant: Tina Smith, Yvonne Prettner Solon, Michelle Fischbach
Spouse: Janice Haarstick (m. 1996–1999), Alida Rockefeller Messinger (m. 1978–1986)
Previous offices:  Senator, MN (2001–2007), Minnesota State Auditor (1991–1995)

Attorney general:
(651) 296-3353 (Twin Cities Calling Area) or (800) 657-3787      Contact:
Lori Swanson (Minnesota Democratic–Farmer–Labor Party)
Lori Swanson is the Attorney General of the U.S. state of Minnesota. She is the first female Attorney General elected in Minnesota.
Born: December 16, 1966 (age 51)
Spouse: Gary Swanson
Office: Minnesota Attorney General since 2007
Party: Minnesota Democratic–Farmer–Labor Party
Governor: Tim Pawlenty; Mark Dayton
Education: William Mitchell College of Law

Amy Jean Klobuchar   (202) 224-3244  Contact:
Amy Jean Klobuchar is an American former prosecutor, author, and politician serving as the senior United States Senator from Minnesota.
Born: May 25, 1960 (age 57 years), Plymouth, MN
Nationality: American
Office: Senator (MN) since 2007
Spouse: John Bessler (m. 1993)
Education: Yale University, University of Chicago, University of Chicago Law School, University of Minnesota

Tina Flint Smith (D)  (202) 224-5641   Contact:
Tina Flint Smith is an American politician serving as the junior United States Senator from Minnesota since 2018, filling the seat vacated by Al Franken.
Born: March 4, 1958 (age 60 years), Albuquerque, NM
Party: Minnesota Democratic–Farmer–Labor Party
Previous office: Lieutenant Governor of Minnesota (2015–2018)
Spouse: Archie Smith
Office: United States Senator since 2018
Education: Stanford University, Tuck School of Business

Keith Ellison, (D)  
(202) 225-4755     Contact:

Keith Maurice Ellison is an American politician and lawyer who has been the U.S. Representative for Minnesota's 5th congressional district since 2007 and Deputy Chair of the Democratic National Committee since 2017.
Born: August 4, 1963 (age 54), Detroit, MI
Office: Representative (Minnesota Democratic–Farmer–Labor Party-MN 5th District) since 2007
Spouse: Kim Ellison (m. 1987–2012)
Education: University of Minnesota Law School (1987–1990), 
Children: Jeremiah Ellison, Isaiah Ellison, Amirah Ellison, Elijah Ellison

Erik Paulsen (R),  (202) 225-2871 Contact:

Erik Philip Paulsen is an American politician serving in the United States House of Representatives for Minnesota's 3rd congressional district since 2009.
Born: May 14, 1965 (age 52), Bakersfield, CA
Nationality: American
Office: Representative (R-MN 3rd District) since 2009
Spouse: Kelly Paulsen
Education: St. Olaf College (1987)
Children: Tayler Paulsen, Briana Paulsen, Liesl Paulsen, Cassie Paulsen

    1st    Walz, Timothy J.    D     (202) 225-2472       * Agriculture    * Veterans' Affairs

    2nd    Lewis, Jason    R     (202) 225-2271        * Budget    * Education and the Workforce    * Transportation and Infrastructure

    3rd    Paulsen, Erik    R    127  (202) 225-2871        * Ways and Means

    4th    McCollum, Betty    D    (202) 225-6631        * Appropriations

    5th    Ellison, Keith    D     (202) 225-4755        * Financial Services

    6th    Emmer, Tom    R  (202) 225-2331        * Financial Services

    7th    Peterson, Collin C.    D  (202) 225-2165        * Agriculture

    8th    Nolan, Rick    D    (202) 225-6211        * Agriculture    * Transportation and Infrastructure

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