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Wisconsin is a midwestern U.S. state with coastlines on 2 Great Lakes (Michigan and Superior) and an interior of forests and farms. Milwaukee, the largest city, is known for the Milwaukee Public Museum, with its numerous re-created international villages, and the Harley-Davidson Museum, displaying classic motorcycles. Several beer companies are based in Milwaukee, and many offer brewery tours.

Capital: Madison

Governor: Scott Walker (R)
(608) 266 - 1212       Contact
Scott Kevin Walker is an American politician who is the 45th and current Governor of Wisconsin. First elected governor in the 2010 Wisconsin general election, he won a 2012 recall election and was reelected a second time in 2014.
Born: November 2, 1967 (age 50), Colorado Springs, CO
Spouse: Tonette Walker (m. 1993)
Office: Governor of Wisconsin since 2011
Party: Republican Party
Education: Marquette University (1986–1990), Delavan-Darien High School (1986)
Lieutenant: Rebecca Kleefisch

Attorney general: Brad Schimel (R)
(608) 266-1221       Contact
Brad Schimel is an American prosecutor and the Wisconsin Attorney General, serving since January 5, 2015. Wikipedia
Born: February 18, 1965 (age 52), Wisconsin
Party: Republican Party
Spouse: Sandi Schimel
Office: Wisconsin Attorney General since 2015
Education: University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee
Children: Hailey Schimel, Mackenzie Schimel

Senators: Ron Johnson (R),   (202) 224-5323  Contact:

Ronald Harold Johnson is the senior United States Senator from Wisconsin and a member of the Republican Party. Prior to his election to the Senate, he was chief executive officer of PACUR, LLC, a polyester and plastics manufacturer.
Born: April 8, 1955 (age 62), Mankato, MN.,  Nationality: American
Office: Senator (R-WI) since 2011
Spouse: Jane Johnson (m. 1977)
Education: University of Minnesota (1977)
Children: Carey Johnson, Jenna Johnson, Ben Johnson

 Senator:Tammy Baldwin (D) (202) 224-5653  Contact:
Tammy Suzanne Green Baldwin is an American politician serving as the junior United States Senator from Wisconsin since 2013.
Born: February 11, 1962 (age 55), Madison, WI., Nationality: American
Office: Senator (D-WI) since 2013
Previous office: Representative, WI 2nd District (1999–2013)
Education: University of Wisconsin Law School (1989), Smith College (1984), Madison West High School (1980)
Parents: Joseph Edward Baldwin, Pamela Green

Representative: Paul Ryan (R),
(202) 225-3031 / Janesville (608) 752-4050, Kenosha (262) 654-1901, Racine (262) 637-0510        Contact
Paul Davis Ryan Jr. is an American politician who is the 54th and current Speaker of the United States House of Representatives. Wikipedia
Born: January 29, 1970 (age 47), Janesville, WI., Height: 6′ 1″
Spouse: Janna Ryan (m. 2000)
Office: Representative (R-WI 1st District) since 2015
Education: Miami University (1989–1992), American University, Joseph A. Craig High School

Representative:  Mike Gallagher (R) (202) 225-5665/ Appleton 920-903-9806, Green Bay 920-301-4500        Contact
Michael John Gallagher is an American politician who is the U.S. Representative for Wisconsin's 8th congressional district. He was elected in the 2016 elections and took office on January 3, 2017. Wikipedia
Born: March 3, 1984 (age 33), Green Bay, WI
Office: Representative (R-WI 8th District) since 2017
Parents: John Gallagher
Service/branch: United States Marine Corps
Education: Princeton University, Georgetown University
Uncle: George Gately

    1st    Ryan, Paul D.    R (202) 225-3031
    2nd    Pocan, Mark    D  (202) 225-2906   
    * Appropriations
    3rd    Kind, Ron    D  (202) 225-5506      * Ways and Means
    4th    Moore, Gwen    D (202) 225-4572        * Financial Services
    5th    Sensenbrenner, F. James    R (202) 225-5101       * Foreign Affairs    * Judiciary
    6th    Grothman, Glenn    R  (202) 225-2476     * Budget   * Education and the Workforce   * Oversight and Government Reform
    7th    Duffy, Sean P.    R  (202) 225-3365      * Financial Services
    8th    Gallagher, Mike    R    (202) 225-5665      * Armed Services    * Homeland Security

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